Restructuring Rescue and Corporate Recovery

Keystone provides practical, proactive commercial advice on business viability, profit improvement and corporate strategy to the ownermanagers and financiers of distressed and under-performing SMEs.

If your business is struggling and time, new ideas and working capital are in short supply, it can be difficult for you as an owner-manager to formulate an action plan that addresses the problems you’re experiencing. Left unaddressed, decline will typically end in a failing business and it’s our job to prevent that from happening.
Using our hands-on Corporate Recovery experience, Keystone Chartered Accountant can help formulate, communicate and implement a strategic restructuring and turnaround plan that works for the business and its main stakeholders.

The very make up of our team of business advisory experts demonstrates our commitment to turning your business around. Keystone Chartered Accountants involvement adds credibility with all main stakeholders, particularly HM Revenue & Customs, and demonstrates that your business is working proactively to address its current difficulties.

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