Changing Accountants

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“I’m still waiting for my accountant to complete last year’s accounts”

You could be at risk of missing certain HM Revenue & Customs and Companies House deadlines. Keystone Accountants guarantee an 8 week turnaround of your accounts and we will also make the relevant submissions on a timely basis, avoiding any penalties. This in turn will allow you to plan for the year ahead and make timely business decisions.

“We can’t change accountants, until our business accounts year end”

Your business pays tax on profits at its year end. Therefore you need to change accountants in advance so that we can assess if any tax savings can be implemented before your year end comes around. We will conduct a thorough check of your accounts and advise where and how we can reduce your tax bill. Keystone Accountant never compromised on quality.

“I’m worried that HM Revenue & Customs will start a tax investigation if I change accountants”

HM Revenue & Customs do have various methods of deciding who to investigate, but selecting a business or individual because they changed accountants is not one of them.

“I have been with my accountant for many years and they are the only ones that understand our business tax affairs”

All businesses benefit from a fresh input from time to time. We will conduct a thorough assessment of your business and make recommendations to improve cost-effectiveness and tax efficiency. We will also help you source and implement any products, services or systems that we recommend.

“I don’t need an accountant; I have a book keeper and do my own tax return”

Anyone can become a book keeper as there is no need for special knowledge or qualifications. We find that 9 out of 10 client accounts, maintained by book keepers, carry errors and omissions owing to their lack of knowledge. This is especially true in the area of taxation. We will thoroughly check your accounts, make any necessary adjustments to reduce your tax bill and ensure the return is submitted correctly to avoid penalties. Having an accountant is a worthwhile investment and pays for itself in the advice given and tax savings that can be achieved.


STEP 1) we will engage you as a client. This means we will ask you to sign an engagement letter which outlines the services we will provide to you, the records you are required to keep & your grievance procedure etc.

STEP 2) you will be asked to confirm your identity and place of address to meet with money laundering regulations.

STEP 3) you will be asked to sign a 64-8 form which authorises us to act as your new accountants and to speak with HM Revenue & Customs regarding your Tax affairs.

STEP 4) once the engagement letter & 64-8 have been signed, returned and identification has been completed we can then begin to act for you as your accountant.